Profile and Expertise

Short Bio

Marco Leo received an Honours Degree in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Salento (Italy) in 2001. Since then he is a Researcher at the National Research Council of Italy. His main research interests are in the fields of image and signal processing and analysis, computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks, graphical models, linear and non-linear transformation (Fourier, Wavelet, ICA, kernels functions). He participated in a number of national and international research projects focusing on assistive technologies, automatic video surveillance of indoor and outdoor environments, human attention monitoring, real-time event detection in sport contexts and non-destructive inspection of aircraft components. He is author of more than 100 papers in national and international journals, and conference proceedings. He is also a co-author of three international patents on visual systems for event detection in sport contexts.

Principal Fields of Research

Theoretical: Image Processing, Machine Vision,, Image Analysis , Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Data Clustering, Digital Signal Processing, Neural Networks, Bayesian Classifiers, Hidden Markov Models, Multivariate Mixture Gaussian, Wavelet, PCA, ICA,  SVM, EMD, Kernel Methods

Applications: Automatic Video Surveillance, Automatic Inspection, Robotics, Automotive, Sport Event Analysis, Biometric People Recognition, Domotics, Multimodal Human-Machine, Interfaces, Human Activity Recognition, Object Recognition, Object Tracking, Assistive Technology


2001-2003  Scholarship to the Institute of Intelligent System for Automation of  Bari (Italy)

2001 Master’s Degree with Honours in Computer Science Engineering (University of  Lecce,  Italy)

1993 High School Diploma with full marks (Scientific Studies)

Research Abroad Experiences

2009 DepartmentofElectricalandElectronicEngineeringImperial College, London, UK

2008 Advanced Course on Tracking and Data Fusion , London UK

2007 At the Computer Vision LabUniversity of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA  (Annual Report 2007 of the Vision Lab at UCF)

2004 At the  Media LabMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (MA), USA


2018 Research and Technical Manager (Secondary Proposer) for selected COST Open Call Proposal Reference OC-2018-1-22687 – “Underground Built Heritage as Catalyser for Community Valorization”

2018 Research and Technical Manager for the Project “Damage assessment and conservation of underground space as valuable resources for human activities use in Italy and Japan” under the agreement CNR/JSPS 2018/2019

2017 Member of the Scientific Board of the PhD Program in Informatics  (XXXIII ciclo) – University of Catania

2017 Member of the Board of the PhD Program in Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Catania, Messina and Palermo

1/07/2011-30/06/2012 Research and Technical Manager for the Project “BAITAH: Methodology and Instruments of Building Automation and Information Technology for pervasive models of treatment and Aids for domestic Healthcare” National Operative Program PON01_00980


2009  CNR  Award  for Excellence in Strategic Scientific Research (prot. AMM/CNT-CNR N. 0068163, 01/10/2009)

Keynote Speech

2012   Intelligent Multiagent Systems for Surveillance ApplicationsSurveilling Surveillance, First Policy Workshop of the SMART Project (Scalable Measures for Automated Recognition Technologies, Grant Agreement No. 261727,, September 26, 2013 Florence (Italy)